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Boulevard Chiropractic is located at 4011 Taylor Boulevard in Louisville, Kentucky.

This is one block south of the

Watterson Expressway (Exit 9),

 just south of Ashland Avenue.

Dr. Mark Keele holds a Doctorate from

Palmer College of Chiropractic, 1992,

an Associate of Science in Nursing from

the University of the State of New York,

1981, now known as Excelsior College,

and a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from

the University of Louisville, 1979.




Monday, Wednesday,  Friday 9AM to 6PM,

Tuesday, Thursday

2PM to 6PM

by appointment only.

You will not be





Many conditions respond rapidly to chiropractic care.

Get a second opinion from Dr. Keele before having back or  neck  surgery.

Dr. Keele brings to the office many years of experience in health care. His goal is to be an advocate for you in today's imposing health care system. He has completed additional study in motion palpation (a system of evaluating normal and abnormal joint movement). He combines this with your

health history, orthopedic and neurological examination,

 radiological findings and common sense

to ensure confidence in your treatment.

Dr. Keele uses what is known as Palmer package: a variety of well-known techniques that are taught at Palmer College of Chiropractic. He is certified in Cox Technic. This can be safely used for degenerative disc disease, disc herniation and stenosis. He is also certified in Nimmo trigger point therapy, 

ultrasound and interferential electrical therapy.

 He uses these in combination with

chiropractic adjustments to allow the body to heal faster.

State-of-the-art equipment is located on site. This includes a high frequency x-ray machine, which lowers patient exposure.


Insurance filed for you.

Provider for

Medicare, Passport Anthem

Worker’s Comp.

Auto. Accidents


Stay on an

Even keel with

Dr. Mark KEELE!